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At some point in your life you just decide you want to know the things people close to you are trying to hide from you. This sort of thing typically stems from a relationship filled with infidelity, getting conned by a close friend, or something similar in nature. And there is nothing wrong with having such desires, as people in this world often times cannot be trusted. Thus, it is often necessary to need to hack private facebook profiles or hack private myspace profiles in order to view them and see what's actually going on behind your back. This is where we come in.

Due to travesties in our own lives we felt there really was a need to hack private facebook and myspace profiles, and subsequently look at them. It is amazing the things that people will say to your face when in fact they're living another entire life behind your back, and it simply isn't right. People should be able to know when such things are happening, they shouldn't be left in the dark in an unhealthy relationship, whether it's platonic or romantic. Thus, we have scoured facebook and myspace in search of any loophole that would allow us to view private profiles, and we found one.